You Walk Away

You walk away slowly

as if I could or should stop you.

Nothing can erase the tears that accompany your departure

or change the fact that,

you are walking away

from everything we’ve built.

I can’t …

I can’t leave so easily.

I’m invested

in these kids, this home, this love

that you don’t want anymore.

You walk away

and I watch you with malice filled eyes that should burn

a hole right through


As you step out the door

I hope my words are still ringing in your head;

The same path you take to leave  

may not bring you back.

You walk away

without a backward glance at,

the life you’re leaving behind.

As if vows exchanged, families blended, and shared moments mean

less than nothing.

You walk away

and here I stand.

Humbled and hurt, but not broken.

Turning the lock so,

that I too

can walk away.


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