The Haunting

If I never see you again;

my heart couldn’t break any more.

Instead of wishing you harm,

I hope that you have a long life filled

with memories of me.

I want to wreak havoc on your dreams,

want you to remember me at the

oddest moments

like while you’re eating your mother’s peach cobbler.

Hope as you’re in the middle of a meeting,

you recall the dip of my spine and how your lips

used to own it.

I pray that every sunrise whispers my name.

That you never view the color turquoise without seeing

my smile.

I’d love it if while on a date you think of my

confident strut while wearing nothing but heels

and serving you dinner.

Hope that on your wedding day Jill Scott’s “My Love”

plays so loudly in your head that you’re unable to see your bride.

I don’t want to haunt you but I hope that my absence brings

nothing but memories of what you’ve forsaken.

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