while I sleep

words are whispered into my memory.

In my dreams I can feel them stroke my tongue

as I try to chase the fog away from my brain.

Somehow closed eyes don’t prevent

the stampede of those thoughts

from fighting to get onto paper.

The pen and pad on my nightstand are my late night companions

used to exorcise the possession of my left hand.

For most people nights are made for sleeping

mine however;

are spent drifting between this world and

the one where these words mean something

to someone besides me.



The Sixth Element

The brilliance of your smile outshines even the sun

glistening on Nassau’s sands.


I am no more aware of

the problems of the world

as long as at the end of the day

I can lie beside you.


Am never worried about

anyone coming between us

because I am

so in love with your personality

your style, your laugh, and your appetite for life.


Even now

You continue to amaze me.

Can still surprise me and steal away my anger as if

It were nothing.


Even though there is no logic to it

on some days I cannot

fight the desire to keep you all to myself.


In so many ways

what we have now is better than it

was in the beginning.


Some days,

I find that I want to let you go

just to see if you’ll come back.


Closet Case

I wonder if I am wasting my time

waiting for life or something like it to happen

I feel lazy, just sitting here

writing words on paper, or reading history books, or looking at Frida’s

art. I try to convince myself that I am accomplishing goals and

that my education is still important since I don’t want to be a quitter!

Because women used to only be able to teach, birth babies, and run a household

I have a right to be tired since I’ve been trying to finish school since ’95.

But who am I kidding? I crave knowledge

I really love to learn, have been at it for a lifetime, why stop now?