Seven Twenty Four Fifty Eight

I don’t say it enough

But I love you

You gave up so much for me

That I’d gladly give anything for you

You made me pretty and smart

enough to know that I can’t depend on it

You showed me how to cry when I’m hurt

and how to get over the pain

You gave me the strength to always fight

to know that I control who and what

I become

You not only gave me life but the  confidence

to always be myself

gave me the compassion to empathize and

sympathize and the temper to end any   argument

You’ve taught me so many things

throughout the years

Because of you I know how to be a mother

How to listen to lies with half an ear

but to love with my whole heart

You made me want to make you proud

You showed me the importance of giving

told me share my good fortune, to enjoy

my own company and to appreciate the little things

Of the many things that you gave me

my favorite thing is you.


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