So I am currently inhaling books; probably a little faster than my normal speed, but inhaling them all the same. Since October 15th I’ve read approximately 25 books. That total includes ebooks as well. Some part of me is probably trying to escape reality but as I writer I can pretend that it’s research. However, on Friday I remembered why I love reading so much.


Here’s to the deal; the story has to touch you, to appeal to you and that’s true no matter what you read. If the story or the characters make you love them then race, class, ethnicity, and locale don’t matter. I was reading Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong and after a slow start I was completely immersed in the characters and the story; needless to say, nothing got done on Friday. I didn’t stop until the book was finished. There is nothing like the power of a good story.


With all of that reading and everything else going on; I completely forgot all about NaNoWriMo. It has been one of my goals for about 3 years and I’ve yet to participate. Well, unless you count completing my thesis last year but I didn’t actually start that work in November. I have a bunch of active storylines running around in my head and some are on paper but I don’t think that I can complete a novel in the remaining 22 days of this month.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not writing though.


Last Tuesday I was inspired by one of my poems. The poem itself was an assignment for a class and we had to insert the five senses but the genesis of the poem was one of my favorite novels, Colin Channer’s Waiting In Vain. That man’s prose and ability to paint a scene is so beautiful that I just knew that I had to create a poem that felt like the book. At any rate, last week I was motivated to make the poem a triptych. So I set about creating two other pieces with the same feel to them. Hopefully, you’ll all be reading the new pieces soon. But all of this is just to say that sometimes inspiration hits you at the craziest times, in the most unexpected ways, and sometimes you just have to go with it.


I have learned to allow it to overtake me no matter how it comes; whether it’s from books, movies, fashion, or music.


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