Greedy kisses
at 2 a.m.
console us.
Bliss is watching him,
listening to him speak,
lying with him.

Those moments
are my pleasure
and when we are
I miss him

In truth
these years don’t
feel wasted.
I would gladly
invest many more
for a future
of these moments.

He must be
what I dream
when I dream
of love.

But sadly, we are
separated by more
than distance
although I think
that I’m his
perfect match.

I am smart enough
to know that
he doesn’t see it.

He doesn’t understand that our bond
is not purely sexual or based
on looks.
We are not bound by
those things.
In truth,
I am in love
with his

And although
I constantly try
to convince
myself to walk away,
or give up
on us.
I’m still waiting.

For him to see
that real love
comes no purer
than me.


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