So today I’m sharing the first piece of the three part poem that I wrote about a few weeks ago. It may not be finished yet but I have it from one of my favorite beta readers that the triptych is one of her favorite pieces I’ve written. Hope you all enjoy!




The commercials never

show you what

paradise isn’t.

It can’t be found

in fruity drinks,

posh resorts,

or the shade of breadfruit

and palm trees.


Our gazes graze the scope

of each other’s faces

then lower

and lower still.

Blatant smiles convert bored

expressions as eyes whisper promises

from across the room.

Anticipation has me quivering like

a December night in


Heart beating faster than a

hummingbird’s wings.


My usual course

of dissuasion is mere

memory as I wade through the

crowd’s bored antipathy

towards the flame of his face.

The music fades as

we take the lover’s leap;

hands clasp waists and

lips finally meet.

His tongue is peppered and

spiced with jerk.


The night sky

covers us like a

Bob Marley tune

As our bodies harmonize

and we begin to stir it up




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