You wreak havoc
on all of my senses.
I cannot get past
the past
and the taste
of wasted time
on my tongue.
It’s similar to
the bitterness
of burned garlic
and I often wonder
if I’ll ever get
over it.

Your absence makes me question
what I want to do,
who I want to be,
and wonder why I’m wasting
my time by not working
toward my goals.
I want to sweep all
of my sorrows
and regrets into
the corner and cover
them with my doubts.
But most days
I lack the
courage to take
such a bold step.

You make me want to
eat all of my fears.
To simply swallow them whole
without a sip of libation.
Maybe then I could
Summon the nerve to
gather a strong gale beneath
My wings, disregard my trepidation,
and take
that leap.
In the hopes that
I’ll be able to


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