Creating a New Character

roll top desk

I am in love! Wait, let me start over. As part of my goal to create more fiction this year I have started work on a new story which initially started as a short piece. It’s an idea that I had last year but never got to really work on. To me an important part of creating a tale is character development. I use between 3-4 different character worksheets to try to get a feel for my characters because I want to feel as if I really know them.

The characters from the piece I’m currently working on are all pretty fun and my heroine is such a wonderfully unique woman. Okay, her name is unique. As a Writer’s Digest devotee, I try to pay attention to the naming of my characters and I think that I’ve struck gold with all of my characters in this tale. Although I did initially name my male character Lion, which was going to be short for Lionel, don’t judge me. I was all set with that name until the list came out the other week announcing that Lion was voted as the worst boy name. Apparently Hawaii Five O‘s Alex O’Loughlin named his son Lion and it didn’t go over so well. So back to the drawing board I go to change that character’s name.

However, I definitely wanted to name my female character something literary and inspired without resorting to stealing onomatopoeia (an inside joke). I will be revealing her name soon but I am super busy trying to balance the coursework for my new class and my expanding writing time. I hope to have new fiction for you soon including my beloved new character.


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