The Wrong Side of a Love Poem

***Disclaimer: If you know me please do not call or email me about this; it is not a cry for help, it’s cathartic. If you are mildly sad of depressed please do not read this. Come back next week for a cute, witty post. Or read a past post.

One of my favorite authors recently had a blog post about how at this time last year she was so in love and what a difference a year makes. That struck a chord with me because of something my father said to me on New Year’s Day about never thinking that I’d be ringing in 2013 without my mom. Well, I have been listening to Melanie Fiona’s “Wrong Side of a Love Song” on repeat all week. But not because of romantic heartbreak; eerily the words work for any type of emotional upheaval. In my case, it’s the perfect song to serve as a balm for missing my mom. Especially these lines:

I’ll be thinking ‘bout you
Got me dreaming ‘bout you
Every single day and night

And I don’t want to be without you
‘Cause I can hardly breathe without you
This is what it feels to be the one
Who is standing here left behind
How did I become the wrong side of a love song?

I am about to do something that I never do. I am giving you a piece that I know is incomplete. It’s nowhere near finished but all of the emotion led to the creation of the following poem

Now I lay me down to sleep
Still crying tears ‘cause the hurt’s so deep
In theory it’s nice
Having people handing out advice
Just can’t get caught up in what they say
What do they know anyway?
This ain’t nothing that time or faith can heal
How can you keep living with heartache that’s so real?

I know those memories are forever
Reminders that she’ll leave me never
But when I need to see her smile
Or just talk to her for a while
There’s no comfort in that
Cause there’s simply no bringing her back


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