A Literary Saturday

One of my writer’s resolutions for this year (and last year) is to attend more literary events; like book signings, writer’s conferences, book festivals, and literary festivals. Because writing is such a solitary profession many of the magazines that I subscribe to suggest being part of a writing community. I wasn’t able to do it last year but this year the goal is high on my list because there are a lot of events that I could reasonably attend.

Last Saturday, I attended the HOLLA Literary Festival in Wadesboro, North Carolina. It was a wonderful event and I got the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors. I bought some new books and enjoyed having them autographed. As a writer, it was wonderful to get the chance to interact with other writers and to see how supportive building a network can be. I got some great information about new books and the benefits of certain publishers. I was also able to buy books that I may not have given a chance on Amazon so it was a magnificent day overall.

I was a bit inspired by the whole thing and look forward to attending more events, meeting more published authors, and building my own network.

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