The Benefits of Book Learning


I have always been a reader; it is my absolute favorite pastime. One of my mother’s favorite stories was how she learned that I could read when I was three and a half. Reading relaxes me, educates me, it inspires me. I hope that I will never outgrow it. Even when not reading for pleasure I find that I enjoy it because I normally end up learning something new or thinking about a subject differently. The above books were selected as source material for a research paper. This is not even all of the sources. I also have 10 scholarly articles brimming with information to use. From these articles, I’ve learned so much more about my subject. Although I already knew a lot about Zora Neale Hurston the scholarly articles allow me to view her through the eyes of academics. The books are giving me the background and allowing me to feel immersed in the time and the persona of one of my favorite authors.

Reading is not only fundamental, it’s also fun!Especially if you love to learn.


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