“A Writer Without a Pen.”


While watching the movie The Words I was struck by Jeremy Iron’s character’s comment, “ A writer without a pen.” In this age of instant gratification and tote-able technology writers often use other means to compose their work. In fact, due to a vlog by one of my favorite authors I am considering purchasing a tablet. That author has been vlogging about the two books she was working on at the same time and she did most of the writing on her iPad.

However much I enjoy the benefits of writing on my laptop or work computer I always have a pen (or seven) in my purse, rolling laptop bag, or any bag. I think as a writer, I should always have a pen; never a pencil though. I read Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird” in 2011 and she reminded me of the importance if a writer’s tools. So now I carry index cards with me everywhere always ready to capture a moment, a character, or an idea. I love that I am always learning something new from writers. It makes me feel as if I’ve settled into a nice group to be a part of.

The idea of a writer without a pen is a pretty scary one. Almost as scary as finishing a novel in two weeks as Iron’s character did in The Words. This writer however, is never without a pen, thanks to her pen and ink tattoo.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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