This is an old poem but I have recently been tinkering with it again. It was not written based on a personal experience but stems from the feelings of a very close friend who was stressed on 9/11 because she couldn’t get in touch with someone she was in love with. As survivors of that moment, I’m sure it is easy to understand. They were both in New York; I was in New Jersey and just happened to not be on campus at Seton Hall that day.

As we spoke her nervousness and anxiety was evident. I knew that I wanted to capture it and to make it as simple as possible. So I hope that the emotion that spurred its creation is evident.


On the days when I just want to
put my arms around you;
to ensure myself that things
are really okay and that you’re
safe enough to make it another day
there is no consolation, no substitute for seeing your face
even hearing your voice is not enough.

Because my love knows no bounds
this distance means nothing.
When I need you,
I simply need you.
And I cannot bear the thought that when the chips are down,
when you really need me,
the only way to satisfy that is through fiber optic communication
and like Incubus, I “wish you were here.”

I need to look into your eyes, rub my hands over you, hold you, and feed you.
Only that will satisfy my heart’s curiosity.
Surely, it will know with just one look whether
your voice was lying.
Because the heart knows


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