stack of books

“Lie to yourself, lie to them, but don’t lie to me.”
-The Scribe

The above quote is something that I often say to my friends. It just means that even when they think they’re being honest with themselves (and me) that I can see through it all.

Well, I have lied to myself, causing me to lie to my friends. In the heat of a moment of burnout I stated that at the end of the year I was going to take a break from my Master’s program. After all I just completed my MFA at the end of 2011, the degree was conferred in 2012 then I started a PhD program which I hated. So in March of last year I applied to my current program. Throughout the past year, I kept reminding myself that after 18 credits I could stop and apply for teaching positions. So when one of my friends mentioned that I was suffering from burnout I agreed. I then told her that I was going to take a break and decide if I truly want to pursue a PhD in English. However, I just spent an hour planning my classes for next year.

I know that it sounds like I’m addicted to education.But I can stop anytime I want; I really can.


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