The Missing Piece

star in night sky

We are all searching for something. We are all looking for that certain special piece that is missing; from our lives, from us. One of my great, amazing, fantastic friends wrote me an e-mail last week with the title the missing piece and I was enamored with the phrase and immediately I began to think about what I could write for such a wonderful title.

So I decided to write about my missing piece.

There is nothing to plug this gaping hole.
I still go through the motions of life
Glancing at the sky hoping to catch
A glimpse of you.
Praying that this is all some incredible story
That I concocted in my head.
Yet each day slaps me with reality
The truth is
Pictures and memories are poor substitutes.
I have tried to fill the space with liquor, books,
And sleep.
But nothing works…

In the middle of the night the ache is unbearable
You are in my dreams, laughing and talking to me, and rubbing my shoulder
I wake looking for you
And tears fall on their own when
I realize that you’re not here
You are.

You are always with me
I am the living proof
That you were once here
I am me because
You were you
And even though I cannot see you,
Hug you, watch your smile light up a room.
I know that you’re here.
In my smile, in my laugh, in my movie choices.
Even that doesn’t keep the pain away.

I still want to be like you
Want to be a better person.
You will always be my guiding star; the light
That I look towards.


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