You cannot
define me; with your
slang, slurs and profane
I will not be put
in a box
or in the corner
to wait for you.

I am more.

I am not
merely a list of
the things you
think I am.
I am not just a
pretty face and a
nice body.
I cannot change
my personality, style of dress
or hair
to suit you.

And even if I could
I wouldn’t.

I am not
merely a
collection of
the parts you see
I am intelligent, confident and
charming too.

I will not be placed in the
the space you’ve designed
for me.
I am the stuff borne of
epics, ballads, and tall tales.
I am the lyrics of your
favorite song,
the words from
that book,
the best scene from that movie
you love.


2 thoughts on “Indefinable

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    your poem is a rare pleasure: serious and graceful, testimony to the strength and beauty of the human spirit. tony

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