My New Motto


This was sent to me by a loyal reader and an amazing friend in Maine. I immediately fell in love and went online to search for my very own bumper sticker. It turns out that Cafepress has versions but not exactly like the one above. Apparently the owner of the one featured here purchased hers at a local store in Maine. I will be getting mine in July.

Part of the reason I love this bumper sticker is because I happen to truly believe that reading and intelligence are sexy. I also love the way I look in my glasses; I know that I feel intelligent and sexy while wearing them. I think that I am a good writer because I am a voracious reader. It has been one of my constant companions for such a long time. I loved stories before I could read for myself, at the age of three, and I’ve maintained that love all these years. It’s why I am such a dedicated writer.

So enjoy your sexiness, readers! It’s a beautiful thing.

One thought on “My New Motto

  1. Shalanda Braman says:

    What is so sexy to me about reading is that everyone reads at their own pace and at that moment in time has a different intimate encounter with any number of characters. When I smile while reading, I may have an entirely different private moment that the reader next to me reading the same book. Now that, my friends is HOT!

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