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“I was born with a reading list I will never finish.”
– Maud Casey

Yesterday I took a break from a week of paper grading to enjoy myself. While hanging with my friend Jill, who happens to be one of my favorite people in the universe, I picked up some books from my local bookstore and the library. Needless to say, none of those books are on my summer reading list. This of course means that I will need to revise my list.

Jill is also an avid reader in addition to being a follower of the blog. She is also directly responsible for some of the books on my summer reading list as she introduced me to Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy. Yesterday she introduced me to another YA series and raved about Nicholas Sparks’ book Safe Haven which meant that I needed to read it. I also picked up Richard Price’s Freedomland because I love the movie and know that the book will likely be just as good.

As I’ve said many times before I love the comfort of a good book. For me, reading is relaxing. It is comforting and I can’t wait to have time to devote to reading several of the books waiting for me.

Enjoy your weekend!


2013 Summer Reading List

books galore

As promised, here’s my summer reading list. Most of these books are on my bookshelf presently awaiting a trip to the beach or a long flight but the others I plan to buy or check out of the library. As you can see I have wide and varied interests ranging from mystery to romance to literary fiction to YA. I’ve also added two writing manuals: Character &Viewpoint along with Create Your Writer Platform because I want to focus on developing in both areas. I’ve shared that Colin Channer’s Waiting in Vain is one of my favorite novels so I plan to re-read it. City of Lost Souls is the final book in the series as is Mockingjay; I’ve read all the others so both books will close out two young adult series for me.

Needless to say I’ll definitely read more than these books. I’m currently finishing a stack of books that I checked out of the library but I figure that this is a good start.

What are some of your summer reading plans?

2013 Summer Reading List

1.) Ann Lamott Crooked Little Heart
2.) Chuck Sambuchino Create Your Writer Platform
3.) Cheris Hodges Forces of Nature
4.) Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love
5.) Tayari Jones The Untelling
6.) Colin Channer Waiting In Vain
7.) Orson Scott Card Characters & Viewpoint
8.) Khaled Hosseini And the Mountains Echoed
9.) Cassandra Clare City of Lost Souls
10.) Sister Souljah A Deeper Love Inside
11.) Suzanne Collins Mockinjay
12.) Maureen Smith Seducing the Wolf
13.) Lisa Kleypas Crystal Cove
14.) Brenda Jackson A Brother’s Honor
15.) Laura Childs The English Breakfast Murder &The Jasmine Moon Murder


Comfort Food

ha ha ha

Last week I shared how I wanted to read on my one free day. Walter Mosley’s Little Green inspired some new poetry but most of all reminded me of why I love reading. And writing.

I was so wrapped up in the book that I didn’t want to finish. I want it to be a movie immediately. It was that good. It inspired me to develop and post a summer reading list but I don’t really have one yet.

I have almost no greater love than the written word; it gives me joy and comfort. Reading and writing are complete comfort to me like chicken and dumplings, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or chicken noodle soup.

So today I plan to seek the comfort of a good book by finishing a J.B. Stanley mystery while drinking a large mug of Rooibos Chai.


Word Nerd and S@#t

book nerd

Okay, I will readily admit to being a nerd. I’m a Trekkie, I love wearing glasses and I am about to purchase a new Word Nerd t-shirt. I have never denied it. So whatever your personal definition of a nerd is I will proudly accept being referred to as one. With that disclaimer out of the way, I want to share two very awkward realizations with you.

1.) As I set out to happily enjoy the one day break between completing the paper that was due yesterday and the start of the 5 week course (with over 50 students) which I’ll be a TA for starting tomorrow I decided to curl up in bed with the latest Walter Moseley novel Little Green. Yes, on my one day break all I wanted to do was read for pleasure.

2.) After a dinner which consisted of a huge serving of pasta I started watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. While watching I wondered if at any time Draco Malfoy knew that he was always going to be 5th best behind Harry. He wasn’t even second best and I’m sure that hurt being that he was such a detestable, sniveling, conniving suck up. Yes, I really thought that hard about a fictional character.


Caught up in the Writing Rush

academic writing

As a committed perennial student, I am currently stuck working on a paper. In spite of the craziness of my life I couldn’t neglect the blog so I decided to share an old poem that I have been working to refine. This piece is one of the first poems I wrote once I decided to take my writing seriously. As part of my attempt to enhance the poem, I’ve split it into two sections. I’m sharing part one this week. Hopefully after this weekend I will have time to work on some new pieces and to devote some time to this short story that I’m trying to wrap up.

Spontaneous Combustion Part I


He is the moon to my Earth;
the bond between us, indestructible.
I am drawn to him despite
my numerous protests
and time has done nothing to quell the fire.
He is a beacon rescuing my heart from
certain destruction,
I watch powerlessly as he intercepts
the floating debris of past wreckage.
shielding me from its hazardous fumes
Only he sees my true self as if this
flesh and bone covering were transparent.
Easily, he quashes my fear of commitment with
honesty about his own.
Although I try to barricade my emotions he
urges me to set mine free.
His voice is frequently a soothing balm for
my chapped soul;
welcoming me into the serene calm
of his being.
I am still futilely waiting for both of us to realize
that there are no others.
Fate does not repeat itself.