Caught up in the Writing Rush

academic writing

As a committed perennial student, I am currently stuck working on a paper. In spite of the craziness of my life I couldn’t neglect the blog so I decided to share an old poem that I have been working to refine. This piece is one of the first poems I wrote once I decided to take my writing seriously. As part of my attempt to enhance the poem, I’ve split it into two sections. I’m sharing part one this week. Hopefully after this weekend I will have time to work on some new pieces and to devote some time to this short story that I’m trying to wrap up.

Spontaneous Combustion Part I


He is the moon to my Earth;
the bond between us, indestructible.
I am drawn to him despite
my numerous protests
and time has done nothing to quell the fire.
He is a beacon rescuing my heart from
certain destruction,
I watch powerlessly as he intercepts
the floating debris of past wreckage.
shielding me from its hazardous fumes
Only he sees my true self as if this
flesh and bone covering were transparent.
Easily, he quashes my fear of commitment with
honesty about his own.
Although I try to barricade my emotions he
urges me to set mine free.
His voice is frequently a soothing balm for
my chapped soul;
welcoming me into the serene calm
of his being.
I am still futilely waiting for both of us to realize
that there are no others.
Fate does not repeat itself.


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