Word Nerd and S@#t

book nerd

Okay, I will readily admit to being a nerd. I’m a Trekkie, I love wearing glasses and I am about to purchase a new Word Nerd t-shirt. I have never denied it. So whatever your personal definition of a nerd is I will proudly accept being referred to as one. With that disclaimer out of the way, I want to share two very awkward realizations with you.

1.) As I set out to happily enjoy the one day break between completing the paper that was due yesterday and the start of the 5 week course (with over 50 students) which I’ll be a TA for starting tomorrow I decided to curl up in bed with the latest Walter Moseley novel Little Green. Yes, on my one day break all I wanted to do was read for pleasure.

2.) After a dinner which consisted of a huge serving of pasta I started watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. While watching I wondered if at any time Draco Malfoy knew that he was always going to be 5th best behind Harry. He wasn’t even second best and I’m sure that hurt being that he was such a detestable, sniveling, conniving suck up. Yes, I really thought that hard about a fictional character.

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