Books Galore( A Problem?)


As you all know from my recent posts about the library I have been scouring the library shelves for great reads. I have fallen in love with the works of Michael Connelly and Karin Slaughter and have had the opportunity to read the newest releases of some of my favorite series (Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Schultz, Julie Garwood’s latest release, and Catherine Coulter’s FBI series). I also tend to pre-order books from Amazon and forget all about them. The point of all of this rambling is that I have a problem with books. I have a shelf full of books that need to be read, I went on a walk last Friday and stopped in a local used bookstore where I bought two books that I had to have, and I checked out four books from the library. Keep in mind that I have a shelf full of books that need to be read and books coming from Amazon this month and next month (the one for this month already arrived). I think that I need to give the library a break for now and start reading some of these books that I own before they take over my entire room. I know that I have a problem, but isn’t it a great one to have?


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