How to Fall in Love with an Author

bibliophile's dream

This post is not about how to literally fall in love with an author. Well, maybe it is. It is about how you sometimes fall for the work of a writer and feel compelled to keep reading their work. I have recently fallen in love with two authors and for one of them it involved perusing the aisles of my local library waiting for a book to call me.

I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. I have always been in love with books. In fact, one of my mother’s favorite stories was telling how she learned that I could read when I was three and a half. The story involved a newspaper. I’m positive that I’ve shared many times over how much I love books and reading but it can never be said enough. Lately, I’ve been neglecting my summer reading list in favor of works by Michael Connelly’ s Harry Bosch novels and Bella Andre’s Sullivan Series. I know these are two totally different genres. I know that I should be more focused on my readings for school but I love to read what I love to read. Connelly is the one who called me from the shelves and after reading “Echo Park” I decided to read all of his Bosch books. I bought the first book in the Sullivan Series for a quarter (also from my local library) and immediately needed to read the entire series.

So, both of these two book series are now on my list to complete. I know that Andre just completed a big money deal with Harlequin and since I’ve been a longtime eBook lover of her work I’ll gladly support her books in print. I was familiar with Connelly’s work because of the movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” but Bosch is quite the character and I love a good one.


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