Writing Oddities

small secretary

As a writer, I have quite a few idiosyncrasies. And I do mean a few. For instance, I almost always write my poetry by hand. I feel like there’s a measure of authenticity to my work if I scribble it out on paper first. But I tend to write the majority of prose on the computer. A bit weird, I know. I can write pretty much anywhere. Last week, I turned my lamp on twice to start a poem. Oreo Cheesequake, Strawberry Sundae, Mint Chocolate Chip Cone is the result of words popping into my head after midnight and I had to get them down before I lost them. On a personal note, I tend to write a lot of dialogue while I’m in the restroom. I call it my office. I also write a lot while driving. I am thinking about keeping a mini-recorder in the car or using my phone to record the randomness that pops into my head.

Another quirk is that I don’t like to write in blue ink. I write primarily in black and have recently started using red pens but not blue. Never blue. I just noticed this last week and while it’s more of a preference, I can’t figure out what it stems from or begin to think about breaking it.

Do any of you have writing tendencies that may be a bit weird?


4 thoughts on “Writing Oddities

  1. Jason says:

    I never write by hand, always on comp or phone. When I do (for work) I never use yellow or green highlighters to highlight, I hate them… I only use pink ones as they are much less harsh. I really can’t stand it when people highlight in books with yellow.

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