The Library Adventures… 1


I’m Making A List

I love my library! But I especially love it now that summer is (almost) over and I don’t have to deal with the teenagers who normally invade it while school is out for the summer. I like to go and wander the aisles, looking for a book to call out to me. Or I go to the new releases looking for something that I’ve read about. I have recently been picking up at least four books per visit however at least two of them are usually by Michael Connelly. I am an involved reader; I can sit down to read and block out the world. So after last Wednesday’s visit I found myself simultaneously reading two of the books I’d just picked up, a short romance and Jeannette Walls’ The Silver Star (an amazing read by the way). Before I was a third of the way through either book I found myself composing a list of what I wanted to pick up/request on my next visit. Yes, on the same day that I went to the library I had my list for the next visit. In fact, it was probably three hours later. I want to blame it on Amazon for having such great recommendations but…I’m just book crazy. Good book crazy.


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