fall in fall

This is a piece that I am struggling with, quite a bit, because I normally write in free verse. I love free verse. I think that my mind instantly produces non-rhyming poems. One of my classmates encouraged me to take a poetry course and I am toying with the idea but not too much because I took poetry courses for my Bachelor’s and MFA. I would take another one for joy, not for credits. Anyway, the first stanza was part of another poem that I am working on ,but it didn’t fit with the rest of the piece, so I altered it a lot and the second is a piece that I wrote to build onto the poem.


Just got the call.
Just reminded that
nothing lasts an eternity.
We all stumble,
at some point.
Of that I’m infinitely
We all fumble
A heart
We all disjoint
So sometimes love falls flat.
Even when it doesn’t work
The memories still have the power to hurt…

Thought we’d have forever;
to fix what man put asunder.
Knew the day would come when we’d
be back together.
Wish I would have called yelled and pled
Now I’m left alone
with regrets and wonder.

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