The Danger of Books

a different world

***This is a bit late. I’d intended to post it during Banned Books Week which was September 22nd- 28th but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

For those who advocate the banning of books I must agree that books are dangerous. They are mysterious, educational and powerful. They are what we’ve been led to believe are impossible; they’re time machines, teleportation devices of the first order. They encourage imagination and belief in great things; look at what J.K. Rowling spawned with Harry Potter. Books let us know that other people feel what we feel; they erase our differences, and make the world wonder filled (I didn’t steal that from Oreo).

Yes, some books are literally dangerous like that How to be a Killer book from years ago or O.J’s potential book but there is no danger at all in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye Ohio State school board or in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man Randolph County, NC. Nor in any other banned or challenged book. Books, especially good ones, are the best of humanity. I think that for every banned book we are challenging the validity and value of someone else’s work and I don’t think that literature should be one big workshop. Let’s leave that to creative writing workshops and literary critics.

I’ve taken a look at the list of banned and challenged books. I don’t agree with any of them. I do encourage you all to look for yourselves and to share your ideas on banned books.


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