Books and Tea


As it has been well documented on this blog, repeatedly, I love books. And I love tea. Most days I drink at least two mugs of tea. Often chai or a breakfast(English or Irish), sometimes peppermint or a flavored green(jasmine or cherry). And when I say mug, I mean a 16 oz ceramic latte cup, thank you ever so much Natural Life. For me there’s a certain comfort in curling up in bed or in a chair with a steaming mug beside me and a book in my lap. Especially now that it’s autumn.

In spite of my earlier edict regarding my book habit I bought several books from Amazon last night and I ordered some tea from Stash and Adagio. I have decided to just accept my obsessions(this week) instead of trying to curb them.

Where I live there’s a relatively new shop which combines the two, The Garden of Readin’; great idea, ingenious name, cozy shop. I love it, and she has a coconut oolong that I really want to try but every time I go in there I am starving and they don’t serve food. I hope to share more about it soon.


8 thoughts on “Books and Tea

  1. Siobhan says:

    Only two? 😉 You’re so right though, a cup of tea and a good book are heavenly. I have to take tea bags with me on weekends away now, I get withdrawl headaches otherwise!

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