The Phoenix


Ashes to dust
Survival’s a must
A weaker person than you
Would have never made it through
Would not still be able to smile
Or relive the pain all while
Looking so calm
Your faith covering the pain like a balm
Just look at all you’ve (survived)
Not just endured but you grew and thrived
To God be the glory
You’ve lived to tell the story
Again and again
I’m proud to call you my friend




I am fresh from visits to my adopted city and to the West Coast. It was the perfect extended trip and expect to see many sights from the West Coast leg of my trip coming soon. But one of the most tangible souvenirs from my trip was the beauty of change. How we often fight it but in fact it is a sign of growth, a sign of maturity and life.

In roughly a month I will be embarking on a new, and long awaited, aspect of my professional life. Fortunately for me, change has always been a welcome thing for me. In the past eight years I’ve survived numerous ups and downs but this is one that I look forward to. One that I’ve spent the last two years working towards and all the better is the fact that it came to me. I didn’t chase it.




Once upon a time
I held you in my hands,
inhaled your baby scent,
read to you,
watched you breathe
in the middle of the night.
I was your world.
You are a young man now.
Interested in everything;
a mind so vast you
aren’t capable of focusing on just
one thing.
You are the beauty of possibilities…

*This morning I realized that although most of my poetry stems from emotion; two of the first poems that I wrote when I realized I was really a poet were inspired by love. One of those was for my eldest god son; this is another one for him and the picture above is one of his.