Library Adventures- A Happy Surprise


Okay, so as most of you know I am a book junkie. A certified literary addict! Since I last posted about refraining from buying books I have inhaled large sections of some of my favorite authors. I did this via the library (but I’ve also purchased quite a few books). Well, the other day after dropping off two books at the library I was pleasantly surprised to notice a new Catherine Coulter book on the shelf. This book by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison, sitting prominently on the new books shelf, was seemingly waiting for me.

I try to keep up with the latest releases of most of my favorites but I knew nothing about this book, The Final Cut, in spite of the teaser at the end of Bomb Shell. Yay! Of course I snatched it up and read it in a day. It was that great. While I have become quite turned off by books that are written by two authors because of James Patterson (except for the Michael Bennett series and the Women’s Murder Club).

I have been a huge fan of Coulter’s FBI series (Savich and Sherlock) and I love this turn in the series because I’m also an Anglophile. I loved the idea of a new revamped Bond, but not Bond. It was a great read.


2 thoughts on “Library Adventures- A Happy Surprise

  1. Jill Lichtenwalner says:

    I like Coulter, too. And I’m not afraid of two authors, because Agnes and the Hitman, by Jennifer Cruise and somebody else, is my favorite ever romance novel.

    Merry Christmas!

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