Motherhood- Excerpt II

broken frame

I hurriedly closed the journal as my assistant buzzed the intercom to let me know that my next appointment has arrived. My therapist, Moira, feels that journaling my thoughts will be helpful once I start group therapy next month. I’m not particularly excited about the prospect of pouring my personal thoughts and feelings out to Moira yet alone a bunch of strangers. However, this is one thing that Ryan is adamant about before he’ll even consider seeing me, not to mention reconciling.

My career is the one aspect of our lives that that has continually caused us to argue. When we met I made it clear to him how devoted I was to building my career. Back then I was a lowly marketing assistant, I put in the time but my work went largely unrecognized until I started working with the PR team promoting Ryan’s second book. Which is how we met, at that point I was working more in the community sector but I’m now the Executive Vice President of Arts & Culture for Ruder Finn where I work with high profile clients like the Olympic Committee, all four major sporting leagues, and museums around the world. That’s another source of discord among us, my husband is an activist I’m a businesswoman. The things that originally brought us together, that made us laugh and commiserate over are no longer the same.

Ryan’s a tenured professor at Columbia, he’s also a published author and noted scholar which led to a contributor position at CNN. A little over three years ago, he started teaching distance courses to spend more time with Ryan and he continued the practice once Brock was born so he has the freedom to devote to the kids. I don’t, and I can’t say that I wouldn’t find something else to do if I did.

My husband has the ability and desire to spend hours at a time with the kids, entertaining them, taking them to the zoo and the park, planning their birthday parties and I’m just not interested enough to help or share in the duties.


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