Motherhood-Excerpt III

broken marriage

Two weeks ago, when I came home from work my Louis Vuitton luggage was sitting in the entry hall, covering the mourning bench but no one was in sight.

“Dalia, what the hell is my luggage doing down here?” I asked storming into the family room; the scene that greeted me stopped me in my tracks. My mother in law Roxie and my mom Eva were seated on the khaki colored twill sectional. Both were dressed casually in linen and lightweight sweaters. They were alone; Ryan, Dalia, and the kids seemed to be out since the house was unusually quiet. This room is Ryan and the kids domain, I rarely come in here preferring to spend my time in the more immaculately dressed rooms of the house like my home office and I quickly wish that I hadn’t rushed in here today.

“Mom, Mama Roxie what are you two doing here? Where’s Ryan? Has something happened?” I asked, not understanding why both ladies would make the trip from Montclair, New Jersey and Orange County, Virginia respectively on a Sunday afternoon.

My mother smoothed the legs of her linen slacks and looked at me without expression before saying, “Happy Mother’s Day, Noelle.”

Instinctively I responded, “Happy Mother’s Day to both of you.”

She looked very disappointed before saying, “I’m not going to mince words or waste time, obviously Ryan has done enough of that” my mother continued “your bags are packed because …”

“That’s enough, I can take it from here ladies” his voice appeared from behind me and I quickly turned to assure myself that he’s ok.


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