How to Be


This post is multi-inspired. It’s in part because I’ve witnessed small acts of wonderfulness every day and in part because I spend a lot of time around people who haven’t found their voice yet. These are not resolutions but reminders of how I want to conduct myself during this year. I hope to be able to accomplish these daily; to develop and remember to enjoy life. Each day I want to ensure that I am growing as a person and as a writer. I still plan to pursue my writing resolutions for the year but I think that these will make me a more responsible creator.

Be more active every day: By this I mean physically & mentally. I’ve recently discovered that physical activity makes me more mentally acute. It makes my mind feel sharper. In fact, it makes me more aware all around; which leads to my next goal.
Be present every day: For me this means that I need to be more in the moment and grateful every day. In the quiet moments I need to remember that I am alive, healthy, talented, intelligent (you get the idea).
Believe every day: Several of my best friends and I are faith filled women. We are believers. So I want to revel in that with childlike faith; from the smallest things like flowers in bloom to the larger blessings of life.
Be less cynical at least once a day: Okay, I can be a cynical pessimistic bastard sometimes. Most of the time would probably be more accurate. I need to remember that life is full of things that make people happy (like the cat videos on YouTube and for me, new shoes, good food, and books) this leads to my next point.
Be happy/ smile: On October 13th 2012 and February 13th, 2014 I lost two of my favorite people in the universe. These were two people who loved to smile and had these incredibly huge hearts. I believe that just like laughter, smiling can be healing & therapeutic.


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