Sugar is my Crack

pink candy

Today I wanted to share a funny piece. Well, I hope you find it funny. This piece comes from a line I uttered in late January, early February and I realized that it is so true. Sugar is my drug of choice. I’m sharing this piece after I’ve loaded up on iced chai & a peach muffin at the local coffee shop and before I go to the kitchen to bake a load of gingerbread and thought of making toasted coconut pound cake. Hope you all enjoy.

I love junk food
I cannot lie.
But my true weakness
is visible on my thighs.
Donuts, candy, baked goods and all that;
honest to goodness,
sugar is my crack.

Swedish fish, Sugar Babies, Reese’s Pieces,
coffee Roll.
I wouldn’t trade those goodies for
a pot of gold.
The best things in life are sugary,
sweet good eats.

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