The Library Adventures- Ogling

nightclub scene

When did the library become a night club? Who goes to the library to ogle people? Last week I went to the library to drop off a few books. I also wanted to pick up a couple more Laura Lippman novels to read during the final week of my current class. That didn’t work out too well. The books are still sitting here unread. So while I was looking at some books a guy walked by and mumbled “um um um” behind me. He did speak to and smile at me earlier but I was still a bit shocked. Granted I am bottom heavy and I was wearing yoga pants, and no I had not been doing any yoga, but seriously. Did my bum require comment? He could have made those noises for an entirely different reason. But I don’t think so because I’m quite familiar with that particular utterance. I wanted to tell him that when I go to the library it is to pick up books not men and although a man who reads or knows his way around the library is extremely sexy to me I was not impressed. I show up to ogle and choose books. Which I guess makes the library a kind of book nightclub.


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