National Poetry Month


As I’m sure many of you know this is National Poetry Month. I encourage you to all celebrate so I’ve decided to share a few suggestions. Some of these are culled from; they have quite a few excellent ideas. Also if you’re a teacher they have amazing ideas and syllabi available.

If you plan to participate feel free to share your plans or suggestions.

Take up a challenge: April’s PAD challenge. It’s an idea that I picked up from the wonderful Robert Lee Brewer’s blog. Check it out here and participate
Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day: This year it’s on April 24th. Carry a poem in your pocket and maybe gift it to someone else.
Attend a Poetry Reading: I am doing this on April 12th. I will be sharing pics. I’m also reading at this event.
Read a Poem at an Open Mic Night: I absolutely plan to do this! I’m super excited about the possibility because it’s totally different from a normal poetry reading.
Watch a Poetry Movie: This will be Love Jones for me but feel free to immerse yourself in any poetry movie.
Read a Book of Poetry: or just quite a few poems. I know that it may be a bit much to read an entire book of poetry this month but…why not read just a few.
Put a Poem on the Pavement: I hope to do this in front of my library or the coffee shop; with permission of course.
Listen to a Poet Read Their Work: is an amazing source of such readings. I love listening to some of my favorite poets/poems and somehow hearing them read their work enhances it so much.
Celebrate: I’m putting together an event for my students (no idea what yet) and maybe I’ll be able to work with the library on one as well. I plan to attend as many events as possible during the month.
Start a Notebook: This is an Idea that I found on; you can do it on the site and then share with everyone. I hope to share the link to my notebook sometime during the month.
Wear your craft: I will be wearing my writing t-shirts throughout the month. Not as proof that I’m a writer but to affirm my commitment to my craft.


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