I Hate Poetry Movies…

movie screen

Okay, that was a lie but these movies always affect me. They stir up emotions and stoke my creativity. They cause lines to pop into my head until I can’t help but start writing. Freaking Love Jones, Slam, and the movie I just finished watching Things Never Said.

One of the lines from Things Never Said is “This ain’t no poetry this is real life.” I have heard that line myself. Heard it from my ex, which might be one of the reasons that he’s an ex. It’s a great, wonderful, strong sentiment but the problem with this line is that poetry is real life. It is in everyday moments large and small. It is in grief and joy, in laughter, cooking and shoe shopping. It is in friendship and love. I think I have a poem entitled Poetry is Life (or Everything) but you get the idea.

For better or worse, for me, poetry is there. So while watching these movies brings me immense joy and reminds me of how much I love poetry as an art and the act of creating it; I am always most grateful for the fact that it leads me back to pen and paper or fingertips on a keyboard.


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