Who Determines What is Enough?


Every year, I set up a writing resolution list. This isn’t a fairly recent occurrence. I think that I started it in 2011. What I noticed last December as I was making my list, and as I look at it at least once a week, is that I often have the same thing on my writing resolution list. That one thing is: Write!!!

I also have it on the dry erase board on the mini fridge in my office. I couldn’t escape the idea that I need to be writing even if I wanted to. I keep a notebook in my purse and I’m never without my cell phone which has my beloved Evernote app on it. I plan to go back to carrying around index cards (I really love them). So I am always in a position to jot down notes or bits of inspiration.

I add it every year as a reminder to write and I end every year feeling that I never accomplished the goal. What I recently realized is that I am being way too hard on myself. And here’s why, as many of you know I am an eternal student. I have spent the past year and a half pursuing a second master’s. This one in English; so I have been writing every week, in addition to work that I create for the blog. Because I was narrowly viewing my writing as only being important if I am focusing solely on my creative writing I lost sight of the fact that my list doesn’t say to write creatively. It only says write. I write a lot of poetry and academic work, I write responses to my students, I write e-mail correspondence and little notes to myself and my friends. In the moments when I am down on myself for not writing enough fiction or feeling as though I am not paying enough attention to the blog or my writing. I have to make sure to remind myself that all of my writing is enough.


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