So Marvelous

superhero image

This piece was inspired by my constant need to read and drink tea at the coffee shop. It stemmed, in part, from a poem I read about low self-esteem and also from a piece that I read about how mothers can empower their children and from a line about some people who wear capes in their daily lives. All of these are the ingredients that combined to make this poem. At any rate, my mom definitely empowered me and is part of the reason that I’ve always been confident. She read The Little Engine That Could to me for weeks, possibly months even though I could read and had a bookshelf full of books. She’s the reason that I am comfortable being myself and why I’ve never tried being anyone else. Ironically, I also said yesterday after writing this poem while I was shopping that if I was a super hero the grocery store would be my arch enemy, my evil villain.

I wear my self esteem
like a cape
shielding me from
the harsh rays of other’s opinions.
I use my sharp wit and sarcasm
as my lasso of truth
it allows me to tame savages
and other aggressors.
I’m no superhero;
just an ordinary woman.
With a penchant for believing
that I can…


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