Another Jeopardy Excerpt

crime scene

The living room was in disarray and on the floor between the couch and coffee table laid a bleeding Janice Bryant.

I dropped to my knees and pulled off my blazer, I quickly turned it inside out and placed it on the major wounds. As my partner called in for medical help I heard a crash in the rear of the apartment.

“Dutch! Rear exit” I yelled as I tried to keep pressure on the major wounds. He took off in the direction of the sounds and I glanced around the apartment looking for signs of who’d done this to her.

I looked up at the boss of us all as he asked what I needed him to do. I’d forgotten that he was even there. “Sir, can you locate the bathroom or linen closet? I need all the towels or sheets you can find” I told him. He ran down the hall and I began talking to her.

“Janice, stay with me! Janice, can you hear me?” I asked her. I noticed that her eyes had lost focus so I leaned down to her ear and spoke. “I know you want to go Janice but David would want you to fight, he would want you to live the life that you two were building together” I told her.
Santiago came back with sheets and blankets and began to help me keep pressure on the wounds. I looked around trying to see it anything else had been disturbed in the attack.

“Ms. Bryant, Ms. Bryant! The ambulance is on the way, okay” Santiago told her. I looked over at him and watched as he pulled his cell phone and checked on the location of said ambulance.
I could hear someone approaching and I leaned closer over Janice as Santiago swirled and directed his gun at the front door of the apartment.

Janice’s neighbor, the one who’d let us in the building dropped a casserole dish in shock. Santiago lowered his weapon and I asked her to go to the front of the building to wait for the ambulance. I assured her that my partner was chasing the assailant but that we had to get Janice some medical attention.

She covered her mouth to block a sob but she left and went to the door.

I looked at Santiago and he sheepishly smiled. He said, “I guess I’m a little rusty.”

“I respectfully disagree, sir. Someone who was rusty wouldn’t have responded like that. In my opinion, those are the reflexes of a seasoned field agent” I said.

We both grinned until we remembered the situation and that’s the scene that Dutch returned to followed by two paramedics. They came to us and tried to take over but I didn’t want to move.

“Agent Robinson, let’s allow these men to do their jobs” Santiago said. He held out his hand and I allowed him to help me up.

We stood there watching them work until they loaded her on the stretcher and headed for their rig.

Outside we stood near the car waiting for the paramedics to get Janice ready for transport. I kept looking towards the ambulance hoping that they would come out with good news.

“What do you want to do? Dutch asked before he went to the trunk and pulled out crime scene tape and gloves for him and the boss.

“I don’t want anyone but our CSU team in there. No Philly PD. Can you get Sellers over here? Or do you want to control the crime scene? Also we need a lid on this, I think” I said.

SAC Santiago stepped up looking like he really was enjoying every bit of being back in the field. “I can handle that part. We’ll contain the information, nothing will get out that you two don’t approve. For right now, I think that’s for the best and we might want to think about something else too but we can talk about that later” he told us.

“Also, we’ve been working under the assumption that David was the target. Get Runyan on Janice’s background again. I want to make sure that this wasn’t something from her past coming back at her. I don’t want to waste another day chasing our asses” I said. I wasn’t tired anymore. I was amped and pissed off. Whoever this killer was he or she had guts to attack through a very small window knowing that the victim was under police protection.

“We’ll get on it” Santiago assured me. Normally Dutch was the one to convince me when I got all crazy during a case but when I looked at him he only wore a smile that told me he loved having the big boss in the field with us.


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