The Big Picture- The Way You Write

Oak Bridge 265

As I am gearing up (three days and counting) for NaNoWriMo I have realized that I have no set structure to my writing. I don’t sit in one spot like my desk or at my laptop desk to write. I don’t write at a certain time or for a given amount of time. It seems that I have forsaken all of the training that I received while working towards my MFA. In light of my late success during NaNoWriMo last year, I’ve decided that I have to re-think my newest writing routine (or lack thereof).

I have been reading many Writer Unboxed, Writer’s Digest and Poets & Writers articles in preparation for next month along with Rachel Aaron’s “2k to 10k: Writing Better, Writing Faster and Writing More of What You Love” which is so amazing and informative. I was reminded of the importance of structure not just in writing but also in your writing routine. I plan to carve out time in my teaching schedule and my everyday life to be more committed to writing. I have my daily reminders on my dry erase board and I plan for this November to be more successful than last year’s. Regardless of vacation, grading or anything else I will be committed to exceeding my minimum daily count and hopefully crafting a great story. I’ve already started plotting! Plotting is something that I normally don’t do; at least not all the way through the story but I feel that it might help with this story.

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo then I wish you Happy Writing!


6 thoughts on “The Big Picture- The Way You Write

  1. grovewriter says:

    Happy writing to you too! I also plan on setting a schedule: 7:00 every morning until I hit 2,000 words. Work at 10:00 will give me a timeframe. This all assumes I get up as I anticipate 😛 Any tips on that?

  2. T. Gene Davis says:

    I’ve written multiple books, and more stories than I admit. I’ve never been able to follow a schedule for writing any of the stories or books. Writing just happens when it happens.

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