If You Write Every Day

writing every day

• You create a routine
• Remain committed
• Are a writer

Notice I didn’t add a caveat. I am not saying if you write prolifically and commit to hours upon hours of writing but if you are dedicated to writing daily then you are a writer. This is an idea that I stumbled across while either cleaning out my NaNoWriMo mailbox or from some other writing site/newsletter. At any rate, I decided to tweak it. I write almost every day and some of it is not my own creative writing but re-writing the work of my students or just editing my own work or perhaps to just jot down a few ideas or poetic asides.
If you are participating in NaNoWriMo or just fighting with the idea of committing to writing for stretches of time every day. Stop! Stop pressuring yourself and thinking that you have to sit at your laptop or typewriter for hours a day to be a writer. That could destroy your love of writing and it could also make you feel defeated before you even start writing.
So here’s the challenge: try to write every day. You can start small or large, commit whatever time you have and stick to that. I guarantee that you will feel better without the pressure and you will find it easier to create.


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