The Measure…


Strength often cannot be measured in physical build and capability. People frequently view warriors as military soldiers and athletes but when it comes down to it; strength is all about heart, whether you lay it on the line, are a constant support to your circle, battle debilitating illnesses, or get up every day ready to tackle life again in spite of numerous setbacks and painful obstacles. We measure that strength in heart. As human beings, we’re often guided by that miracle of a muscle.

The older I get the more motivated I am by my heart. Not in silly schoolgirl ways but in the ways that matter the most. I am more loving, more open, more willing to forgive, and more honest but in a way that considers the other person’s feelings. I have found that my heart is more open even though I have lost major parts of my heart. I have lost people who led by example; these people had the brightest smiles and hugest hearts. I am motivated by them and hope that I am successfully emulating their ability to be wonderful.


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