Motherhood- The Beginning


Here it is; the revamped beginning of my NaNoWriMo project “Motherhood.” If you’ve read the previous excerpt then you’ll be able to see the differences between the first version and this one. I hope that it has improved a bit. I am still working on making a cohesive manuscript of my project from last year which hopefully will happen before the end of the year. I hope that you all enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments about what works and what you think.

The Beginning

Sometimes your life changes without notice. Mother’s Day was that day for us. What should have been a happy day marked with lunch, gifts and family time instead wound up being a heartbreaking day spent separately, in solitude. I was consigned to a sterile hotel room while my husband sat in our home with the kids and our mothers. When I woke up that morning I wanted nothing more than to spend some time in bed with my husband and then to get some work done. Instead, I was expected to attend a Mother’s Day brunch along with a bunch of other women with children and to spend hours of my time doing…who knows.
I certainly didn’t know and because I got caught up in my work my husband decided that we needed some time apart. In his defense, he said that this was the last straw but in mine he’s always known how I feel about these things.

These were Noelle’s thoughts as she walked into the building at a fast pace. It was still dark outside but she wanted to get some work done before her staff arrived. She was already expecting to put in a long day and figured that she could use the extra time to prepare for the meetings she had scheduled.
After exiting the elevator she walked past her receptionist’s station and into her office finally exhaling when the door closed behind her. She smoothed her relaxed shoulder length tresses and walked towards her desk putting her briefcase on the desk and unbuttoning the jacket of her suit.
All her life, Noelle wanted to be at the top. When she was a little girl she would imagine that instead of going to school she was heading to her office. She imagined her desk as an office desk, her classmates as coworkers and her teachers as her boss. The view from her window was the payoff for her hard work and although there’d never been a Mr. Noelle in her childhood dreams she’d known that Ryan was the one; maybe not as soon as he’d realized it but she knew. It was the introduction of the kids that threw the well-oiled machine of her life completely off track. After she was pregnant with RJ she redoubled her efforts to gain an Executive VP promotion only to have Brock creep up on her. That pregnancy had cost Noelle a promotion to a Senior Marketing Director position; at least in her mind.
In the quiet of her office Noelle never doubted herself. She could be decisive, brutal and demanding in a way that she couldn’t be at home. Ryan always expected her to be caring about the kids when the truth was she didn’t care at all. She didn’t want to share her husband with the kids and she didn’t want to be pushed towards a relationship with them. She knew how it sounded but there was nothing that she could do about that.
She spent a few more minutes looking out if the window before she settled behind her desk and went to work on a few accounts. The next thing she knew her assistant was walking towards her with a coffee cup and a stack of folders.
“Good morning, Mrs. Griffith. I have the completed files for you and Abernathy and his team are on the schedule for approval of the new mock ups this morning. Also Mr. James is holding on line two; he said it’s important.
Noelle frowned at the last bit of information; Godwin James was her and Ryan’s attorney. They didn’t have him working on anything as far as she knew. She took a sip of her morning coffee and smiled her thanks. “Thanks, I’ll speak to Mr. James right now” she said before taking another sip of coffee.
She picked up the phone as soon as Lana walked out of the door and said, “Hi Godwin. What’s up?”
“Hey Noelle, things are good. I know you’re usually busy but I needed to get this call in to you. Although I normally handle things for both you and Ryan but he retained me today as counsel
“He what?” she said.
“He retained me to provide advice because he wants to file for legal separation. According to him you two had an agreement that you have yet to comply with” Godwin told her.
“What?” Noelle said. Apparently she was hearing things because there was no was no way that her husband would do something like this.
“I know that this comes as a shock. Since I agreed to represent him I told Ryan that I wanted to give you a heads up. He asked me to notify you as soon as possible.
“Godwin, we didn’t have a formal agreement! He suggested that I go see this therapist but I didn’t agree. This is crazy!” she said. Her heart was beating extremely fast that she thought she was having a heart attack. She couldn’t believe that Ryan was doing this to her.
“Look Noelle I know that this is difficult but according to Ryan because of the occurrences of the past few weeks he doesn’t think that you two will be able to reconcile so he wants to file for legal separation” Godwin told her.
“I cannot believe this! No, I am not agreeing to any type of legal separation. I am moving home so that we can work this out” Noelle said.
“I feel compelled to tell you that upon your return to the family home Ryan is prepared to take the children and the pets and move into an apartment. He will have Dahlia remain in her apartment and use the car to commute to the new residence” Godwin said.
Noelle sat in stunned silence. She couldn’t say anything; she just sat there breathing heavily. She didn’t know what to say. In the three weeks since Ryan had thrown down the gauntlet she’d refused to make an appointment to see the therapist he’d suggested. She never thought that he would go this far and that really frightened her.
“Godwin, I need to go. I’ll get back to you” she said and quickly hung up, Noelle put her head on her desk and took several deep breaths. It seemed that life was not going to adhere to her well laid plans after all.


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