Savage Love-Excerpt II

1650 interior

Here’s another excerpt from the latest piece that I’m working on. I am trying to finish this before the new semester starts and I get bogged down with all of the daily details of grading and being on campus every day but it’s a lot of work.

Sav looked up from the journal she’d been sketching in to see the 6’2” frame of the man who’d been her lifelong best friend. When she continued to stare as his large shadow loomed over her he leaned down to provide his customary greeting, a kiss to her right cheek. He looked the same she thought as she quickly glanced at him. There was no proof that their argument had affected him at all. His dark chocolate skin still shone, he still wore his hair closely cropped, was still well dressed but he would never be the same McKay; at least not to her.
She turned her body away from him and went back to drawing although she’d lost her focus. McKay’s dark eyes held a somber look as he took the seat across from her. She’d been curled up at her favorite table in 1650 for hours since she hadn’t felt like going into the office today.
Savage wore her long bronze hair pulled up in a curly bun; the soft plaid flannel button down shirt she’d taken from her father’s closet on her last visit to Charleston hit her mid-thigh while her leggings and riding boots comprised the rest of her outfit. She wore large hoops in her ears and her freshly scrubbed look had caused quite a few college students to approach her while she sat designing the interior for a new building for a green company located in the Bronx.
You’ve been ducking me” he stated plainly as he motioned for the nearby waitress. When she arrived he ordered a pot of Assam with cream and sugar and asked for a basket of raspberry croissants.
She waited for the waitress to leave before she laughed and continued to sketch not looking up from her pad. The sunlight streaming in the window glinted off of the black frames of her cat eyed glasses and he stared at her waiting for her to look up. She didn’t so he spoke.
“You’ve been back for a month and I can’t get you on the phone. You haven’t shown up for Sunday dinner once since you’ve been back…” his voice trailed off as her head lifted and she stared at him with a confused expression.
“Why would I answer your calls? Why would I willingly show up for dinner knowing that you’re going to be there? Why should I pretend that everything is okay between us? Just so you can feel comfortable and justified in your treatment of me; no thanks” she said before returning to her pad.
“Sav, come on. I hate the way that things are right now. We need to talk this out” he said after several moments of uncomfortable silence. He had to get through to her.
“I don’t” she said simply without emotion.
It was now Mick’s turn to look confused “What?” he asked her.
“I do not want to fix our friendship. I like what you’ve turned it into. I like what you and Emily have done to it; I like knowing exactly where I stand and what value I have in the lives of the people I surround myself with” she said.
“Savage, I thought that we’d work this out after the accident” he said. The waitress returned with his order while Savage stared at him; her eyes frosty.
“Look, I came back when Nana Eva called because no matter what you’re a great godfather and Ryan’s a great dad. I did what I was supposed to do in a crisis but that was it” she told him.
“You rightfully placed importance on your relationship but in doing so you ruined our friendship. You decided that I was a bad friend in spite of 35 years of evidence to the contrary. You, McKay Ellison, told me that you could not believe that I would be so spiteful as to try to ruin your relationship and that you weren’t sure that we could remain friends. I am simply honoring your wishes” she told him before beginning to pack her belongings.
“I know I said some things…” he began
She held up a hand, “Let’s not rehash the whole thing. We have nothing to salvage and I’d love to just pretend that this encounter never happened. Our friendship is dead McKay. You killed it” she told him.
He stared at her in shock. In all the years of their friendship he’d never seen her be so cold. Not to anyone; even her stupid ex-husband.
“You threw my failed marriage in my face and accused me of being jealous of your relationship. You brought your woman to my house to let her disrespect me in my home. You called me a liar when you know that I’ve never been one. I never lied to you. Not about your wack rhymes, that dye job on your Gumby, or your chances with Felice Gordon. I never lied to you; not once. So all of that shit you planned to say about valuing our friendship and me. Save it because I cannot be that person anymore”
“Savage, I am truly sorry for hurting you. I’ve never regretted anything so much” he said earnestly. He had to find a way to fix this. He missed her every day and he couldn’t believe that things couldn’t be fixed.
She grabbed her bag and leaned down to face him.
“Fuck your apology McKay. Take it and feed it to your cheating girl. I wish you both nothing but the purest joy and happiness but achieve it while staying away from me” she said before stalking out of the tea house.

2 thoughts on “Savage Love-Excerpt II

  1. Your friend Jill says:

    Oh. My. God! I wish you could write the script for my life! I wish I could run every word by you for your approval and tweaking before I said them!! (In other words, WOW DIALOGUE! Love it!!)

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