Okay, so seven days into the new year and I’ve already accomplished one of the major (but not big) things on my list. Number one on my list was to back up my writing. After losing many pieces on a flash drive and then losing quite a bit more when my old laptop went kaput I have been really wary about losing any more work so last year this was one of my top writing resolutions. It didn’t quite work out so this year I made sure to purchase a new external hard drive specifically for my creative works.

So on Monday, I received my new drive and immediately set about backing up all of my writing. So far, I’ve managed to save all of my fiction and the majority of most of my poetry and blogs. Keep in mind that I have already backed up a lot of this work on my main external drive but I wanted to have a copy that exists separately. The hard part will be continuing to back up on that drive but I am up to the task.

Here’s the latest tool in my writer’s toolbox in its new shiny case. I love it already as well as the security of having a backup for all of my writing.


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