The Trouble with Lists


Okay, so most of you know that every year I establish a list of writing goals that I want to accomplish. Well, I’m in a bit of a conundrum. On my 2015 writer’s resolution list, I have the goal to completely finish two pieces and to get started on a third. The two major pieces are the ones that I wrote during NaNoWriMo over the last two years. I haven’t completely finished either one so I thought that I’d make the time to do it this year. The third piece is a hilarious marriage between Death at a Funeral and a few other comedic films and I have been trying to write it for more than 12 years. I have all of these amazing anecdotes and bits to add to this piece but I also have another story clamoring to be told. I am in love with it and although it’s a bit complicated (in my head) I cannot wait to share it. What’s one to do when there are so many stories begging to be told?

Another problem is that I have no idea if I’m committed enough to complete these stories around grading, planning, lectures, poetry writing, final exams and the all-important reading. It also doesn’t help that I’ve realized that it’s April, National Poetry Month, and I want to have a few activities. I find that I am bogged down by my aspirations but lacking in follow through. Although, I have made a bit of progress on my other goals this one has me stymied and I hate to feel as if I’m going to fail at those goals even though it’s only April.

Have any of you accomplished a large part of your list? Or do you feel as if you aren’t going to be able to?


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