My Poetry


This is a piece that I have been toying with. First off, its title is taken directly from the poem which is different for me. My first draft had another stanza that I am still trying to tweak. So expect to see another version of this at a later date because I am still working on it. But feel free to share your thoughts on this first draft.

My poetry
Is irreverent and relevant
It is timeless but speaks the truth
My poetry is appealing and revealing
It peels back layers of lies
Knows that a woman’s worth cannot be written or told by anyone who has never walked in her heels
That being young urban and colored still carries the same death penalty as the 1930s,50s and 60s
My poetry picks at pretty girl’s problems and smart girl’s issues
It feeds a blog, a belly and supplies
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys and episodes

My poetry is disrespectful
It doesn’t like you
It says, if you don’t get it
then don’t read it
Those words will sweep you up into
a whirlwind and take you to a deserted island of
horrid poems
And leave you there to wither in a world of poorly put together words


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