The Secretary


So I finally got something that I’ve been wanting for YEARS!The secretary above is my very own. Look t the owl pulls! Look at the interior and all the cubbyholes. It was absolutely love at first sight and I feel like we were destined to be together. Yes, the desk and I. Earlier this semester, I spoke to my students about the importance of a writing place while admitting that I often write while in bed. This is not due to a lack of a place to write but because I’m so comfortable in bed writing. All the while, I’ve silently craved a smaller writing place to work where I would be equally comfortable. Now I ‘ve found it.

So here’s the deal with the perfect timing of this secretary. As I stated, I have been wanting one for quite some time; since at least 2007. I continually missed out on them whether it occurred at my local consignment shop, on ebay, Etsy or a local shop. I missed all of them. While I secretly longed for the first one at the consignment shop my friend Jill was always by my side cosigning the fact that I absolutely needed it . Coincidentally, I discovered the one that I purchased while wrapping up our annual Fried Fest. I saw it and said “Jill, is that a secretary?” Needless to say we went over to the shop, walked around for a bit and there it was. Once I saw the price tag I knew that it was coming home with me.

In my opinion, writing is hard enough without a space that you genuinely enjoy and that’s what this is for me. My current office/guest room is a junky mess. I can’t even see the surface of the re-purposed desk that houses all my files, office supplies and miscellaneous notes and writing materials.

The secretary however is tucked against an unused wall in the living room and I’ve already made it my own by adding the little touches that you see above. Excuse the cookies. Since I finally got this beauty home, I’ve found that I’m more committed to writing and working on the stories that have been plaguing my mind. So this new writing spot came along at the perfect time. It

Do you think that having a place to write changes your commitment or desire to write?

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