Librarian Love- The Library Adventures


I’ve been a serious reader for a while longer than I’ve been a committed writer. But I’ve always known that the two were closely tied together. My affinity for libraries has been helped by the interest and support of librarians so this post is for them.

First, this love is not new. My paternal aunt was a school librarian and she helped feed my hungry obsession for books and reading from a young age. My high school librarian was a solace when I needed it. She offered me access to book, the comfort of the library and was an amazing sounding board and support system when my adolescent brain was frenzied not focused.

I’m not biased in thinking that my librarians are the best. Okay, maybe I am but they remind me every time that I enter the library why I feel this way.

Yesterday’s visit to my library simply cemented that love. No, it reminded me of the strength of my love for libraries and librarians. I went to renew some of the huge stack that I  shared in a previous post only to discover that one of my favorite librarians had already renewed them. Also, I  complained to another one of the librarians about a paper that is due in less than two weeks and she offered to proofread it for me! Where else in the world would that happen? Nowhere!

I would say hug your librarian but maybe you should just thank them instead.


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